You Canna Be Fit-How Cannabinoids and Terpenes can Kick your Workout into HIGH gear.

I always laugh when people call me a runner or ‘super healthy’ and in shape. I laugh because I hate running. I love carbs and ice cream and I struggle through a workout just as much as the next person. But the fact of the matter is, I do run, I am mindful of what I eat and how I treat my body, and I do have a fit bod. There is only one thing that motivates me to do and be all three of those things. Cannabis, or as I like to call it, weed.

I’ll confess something right now. I cannot work out sober. I just can’t do it. I cannot self-motivate to go to the gym or go on a ‘short 5 mile run’ (I hate when people say that. whoever decided 5 miles was short?!) without my sweet mary jane. And if I am for whatever reason exercising in a sober state, my mind is mulling over all the things that hurt and all the reasons physical exertion sucks. Therefore, my solution is a pre-workout toke or edible. I have found that my ideal equation for leading a cross fit style bootcamp is as follows:

Sativa flower bong rip + low dose (20-40mg) indica edible = perfect high to power through my workout. And who said math cant be fun 😉

The initial hit of a sativa strain, like Super Lemon Haze or Durban Poison gets me up and moving and that is really the hardest part. Once I’ve had my bowl, I get the music going, I get my shoes on and I am ready to huff and puff! While I enjoy sativa strains for cardio because they act as a stimulant and allow me to keep my energy levels up during the workout, ironically, it is low dose indica edibles I reach for shortly before a bootcamp style workout. Keep in mind that a low dose for me may not be a low dose for you, so please, start low and go slow with edibles. The indica provides an incredible body high that allows me to get in tune with my breath and movements, which is essential for activities such as CrossFit and yoga when it is important to be mindful of the body.

This equation may not work for everyone, but as a canna-coach I work with individuals to find their ideal canna equation and products to get them motivated so they can get the most out of their workout, whether it be a kickboxing sesh, yoga class, or evening hike. Remember, the best motivation is having a friend that holds you accountable. So suggest to your toke buddy that you go on a run or walk, or play tennis after that fat dab or big rip.

After my workout, I reach for a high CBD strain, like Harlequin or CannaTsu, to aid my body in recovering. CBD reduces inflammation and pain, so lotions, like Mary’s Medicinals and Apothecanna are ideal for mitigating post workout soreness. Cannabis has been used for ages to cure and calm all sorts of ailments and pains but it is also used as an herbal supplement to increase energy and mood as well as focus. Athletes looking to take their workouts to the next level should consider incorporating cannabis products into their pre and post workout routine. Cannabinoids such as THC, CBD and CBN can provide a plethora of physical benefits ranging from reducing inflammation, promoting bone growth, and mitigating migraines as well as mental benefits such as calming the mind which can lead to lower stress levels and thereby better overall health! It is no surprise then that cannabis companies are diversifying their products to include high CBD strains, pain relieving lotions and time release patches for all day relief.

It should be noted that while the act of smoking any substance will never truly be good for the lungs, there are a plethora of alternative, healthier ways to consume cannabis including edibles like granola and dark chocolate and also non-psychoactive options like topicals, tinctures and capsules. It may take some playing around to find what cannabis products work best for you. Try products high in CBD if you seek pain relief, and strains high in limonene for a pre-workout toke. Limonene is a fruity terpene that is a mood and energy booster, commonly found in sativas, especially citrus strains like Super Lemon Haze and Tangie.

So whatever your fitness goals, whatever your physical needs, whatever your thoughts on cannabis are, I encourage you to explore the benefits that incorporating cannabis into your daily fitness regime can bring. Join us next time as we explore ideal cannabis product pairings for fall/winter activities!

TRY THIS WOD (Workout Of the Day)

Tabata style workouts are excellent if you are trying to burn stubborn fat. This high intensity exercise, which includes burpees, lunges, and high knees, can be done in under 30 minutes and needs no equipment, so no excuses!

2-3 rounds

10, 15, or push yourself and go for 20 reps!

Jump Squats– jump high!

Mountain Climbers– summit Mt. Sexy!

Jump Lunges– land softly, watch your knees

High Knees– get those knees and heart rate up!

Burpees– Jump up, plant your hands beside your feet, kick your feet back into a push up position, jump your feet back to hands, and jump UP!

Great job! High five!




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