Runner’s High

Happy March friends! I’m setting some pretty crazy goals this month and further committing to practicing what I preach as a canna coach, so I have challenged myself. I challenged myself to accomplish something that I really don’t enjoy doing…running. I created the High 5 Race Challenge, which is to complete a 5K, a 10K, the 420 Games, a half marathon and a full marathon by the end of the summer. I may be a fitness instructor, but i hate running (and cardio in general) because I hate being tired and I have a very poor track record of self motivating to go on “a quick jog”. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fun runs, and the 5K fundraisers and the color runs, those are all good times! Vibrant energy, pumping music, pretty colors, they’re a blast! But running for fun like, everyday, that’s just not something I get. However, I know that if i want to complete a full marathon and not die, i really should train.  Therefore, I am doing 3 things to hold myself accountable so I actually achieve this goal.

#1. I recruited a running buddy, someone to train with and encourage and keep me company on trails runs. That will be extremely helpful on days when I don’t want to move because i accidentally smoked an indica instead of the Durban Poison.

#2. I’m giving myself an end goal and a deadline. instead of just saying, “i’m going to run more.” I have stated that “I will run the Leading Ladies Marathon at the end of August.”. This gives me incentive and a timeline to complete my training. In addition to having something to work towards in the long run, I am also signing up for the other 4 races throughout the spring and summer, again, giving myself closer goals to achieve and building up to my final race.

#3. I’ve decided to train with Mary-Jane as well and explore ways I can incorporate cannabis, both CBD and THC, into my training regimen and share what I discover with you, the canna curious! Whether it’s vaping some Super Lemon Haze before I dash out the door, nibbling gummies every 3 miles during the race, or using Mary’s Muscle Freeze to mitigate pain and aid in recovery afterwards, I am committed to documenting my cannabis use to show that conscious cannabis consumption can help you live a happier, healthier and more active life.

So join me on this adventure and expect to hear a lot of bitching, because, like I said above, I hate running and once I tackle this feat, I don’t want to talk about running ever again. I will literally only run if something is chasing me and even then I might just take my chances on playing dead. If you are interested in joining me for training or fun runs, or heck, even the whole challenge, let me know at You Canna Be Well on Facebook.


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