First day of training with Mary-Jane

Well it didn’t suck as much as I thought. It’s been a solid 4 months since i ran any farther than the fridge, the last time, ironically being the Boulder 420 Games, so getting my first mile under my belt was crucial to starting this training process. After getting my running shoes on, I dabbed some Flo off of my VapeXhale, smoked some Durban Poison out of my bong and applied some Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze to a spot on my back that had been bothering me all day and headed out. There is a park inhabited by prairie dogs in north Boulder that I figured would amuse Lucky and me on our jog. We kept a brisk pace against the whipping wind while my running app sporadically filled me in on my pace. Not too sure I’m a fan of that particular app, kind of obnoxious, or maybe i was just too high to figure it out. Either way, not stoner friendly. The run was enjoyable, we completed a 10 minute mile and had a 5 minute cool down back to the car whilst the prairie dogs swore at us. All in all, I feel pretty good about my first day of training. Next time I will play around with edibles and possibly working towards achieving flow state by combining high amounts of THC with caffeine to allow body and mind to become one. For longer distances, this will prove useful in powering through fatigue and boredom. But for now, I’m content with my short little miles 🙂




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