My favorite workout gear = VapeXhale EVO

Whether I’m getting ready to hit the concrete or the trails to train for my races, or setting up for a Huff n Puff fitness class, I get warmed up and ready to go with my EVO. Typically dabbing or vaping sativa, citrusy strains like Super Lemon Haze, or my personal favorite, good ole Durban Poison, that last minute toke allows me to power through my workout and achieve that runners high everyone always talks about. I don’t know how they achieve it without weed, but whatever floats your boat! Don’t forget to have some CBD shatter on hand for those days you really push yourself or over do it. Got to remember recovery is crucial, so take care of your body and that includes occasionally substituting joints or bongs for a healthier smoke sesh, a la vaping! Hands down the BEST vaporizer on the market, and one capable of doing both flower and concentrates, I am thrilled to be working with VapeXhale to show people how they can consciously consume cannabis to elevate their health and overall wellness. If you are in the Denver area, come try out the EVO every Sunday at Huff n Puff fitness! Reserve your spot today by liking Huff n Puff Fitness over on FB. Also, don’t forget to follow VapeXhale on Instagram @teamvapexhale and Facebook to stay up to date on all of the cool stuff they have going on. Alrighty, it’s time for me to take a dab and head out for day 2 of training! Happy vaping!


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