Mary Jane vs Mother Nature

Whether or not people are aware of it or admit it, we as humans, are inevitably affected by the weather, the seasons, the moon and other natural forces that are beyond our control. Some individuals, such as myself, become a human barometer when a storm rolls through and the air pressure changes causing debilitating headaches. Many women, and some men I’m sure, are very in tune with and affected by the moon and the lunar cycle. I thankfully don’t have any issues with physical periods, but boy when it’s a full moon I can suffer from emotional PMS as much as the next woman. Other people are sensitive to the weather and get inexplicably sad and glum on a rainy day or when fall changes to winter yet sunshine and warm weather make us feel good and want to get outside. Many people can relate to seasonal shifts in energy levels or mood and can suffer from anxiety and depression around these times. I for one struggle with a depressive lull in the fall as winter creeps in and the days become shorter  and colder and a bout of anxiety in the spring when I feel I have too much on my plate. I acknowledge that these things are out of my control, but how I chose to deal with my own emotions and ailments is completely up to me. Naturally, I turn to cannabis (and exercise and meditation and other good things) to remedy a rainy day or soothe stabbing headaches. Below is a short list of maladies caused by mother nature and the cannabis products and other tips and tricks that I have found to be most helpful in dealing with them.

Migraines and headaches when the weather changes – Durban Poison is hands down something you should always keep in your stash. An energizing and citrusy sativa, high in THCv, not only is this strain perfect for relieving headaches, but is also an appetite suppressant, meaning you won’t go grabbing for the munchies when you smoke this. Not a smoker? Try Mary’s Medicinals CBD capsules or a cup of Stillwater indica tea to soothe the senses. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Re-high-drating is good, but staying hydrated is crucial! Often time headaches are caused by dehydration so be sure to always have a water bottle on hand.

Rainy day sadness – Golden Goat or Blue Dream or some other kind of sativa or hybrid flower or concentrate is a good way to cope with gloomy weather. Rip a bowl or take a dab, turn on some tunes, get out some art supplies or clean the house and be productive with your high. This is certain to improve your mood and remember, the sun will come out, tomorrow.

The Red Tide – Many women are realizing that mary-jane is their best friend during that time of the month. Useful for soothing painful menstrual cramps, getting through moodiness or anxiety and PMS, and any other symptoms associated with being a woman, a little weed is good to have on hand. One product that is quickly becoming a staple for women who have difficult periods, is the Foria Relief suppositories. I have girlfriends who swear by these, that they are the best thing for cramps, absolute lifesavers! So be sure to pick up a pack at your local dispensary before the next full moon!

Seasonal anxiety– Is that spring to-do list overwhelming you, making it hard to focus on and tackle the tasks at hand? Is thinking about the holiday season and spending extended time with family giving you a panic attack? Give CBD edibles a try to calm the mind and physical effects of stress without getting too stoned. Ripple CBD 1:1 from Stillwater Brands are 5mg servings that come in what looks like a little sugar packet and can be added to any food, drink or placed directly under the tongue. Discreet and consistent and low dose, I feel comfortable taking this at work, around relatives and while traveling and other times I can’t rip a bowl. Panama Red and other strains high in beta-caryophellene are also good options for calming anxiety. A quick puff of that will have you humming Hakuna Matata.

Winter aches and pains– The saying that the cold sets into your bones is fairly accurate for people who deal with stiff joints and sore muscles when the weather gets cold. While staying active during the winter months is important, that can be difficult when it hurts to get out of bed. For this, I highly recommend topicals and fortunately there are a plethora of amazing companies that cater to helping people, particularly the senior population, mitigate their aches and pains so they can continue leading active, independent lifestyles. Apothecanna and Mary’s Medicinals are just 2 of many wonderful companies whose products are ideal for those looking to medicate and feel better, not get high. Apothecanna has a line of topical sprays and lotions that are fantastic for people dealing with arthritis and joint pain, I suggest the Extra Strength spray for the most immediate relief. Mary’s Medicinal’s makes a variety of unique products from lotion dispensing pens, to patches to medicated Icy Hot, Muscle Freeze. Transdermal is the term they use to describe dispensing the cannabis through the skin, so a transdermal patch would just be placed on either a veinous part of the body or the problem area and over the course of 8 or so hours, CBD or THC will slowly be released into your bloodstream, allowing for an extended period pain free. Again, ideal for those who need to deal with pain at work, these products have a very low chance of getting you toasty. Mary’s also has products featuring many cannabinoids including CBD, THCa, CBC, and CBN, all of which have immense medical benefits and I encourage you to explore them further.

If you have found a product that works for you and you would like to share, I encourage you to do so, either in the comments section or over on Facebook @youcannabewell. Don’t be afraid to play around with new products and new brands, but there is also no harm in sticking with what works for you. If you have any questions about how you could use cannabis medicinally, please don’t hesitate to reach out, again, either in the comments or on Facebook. I am not a a nurse or doctor, but I know cannabis, and you know your body, so let’s work together to figure out how the two can synergistically influence each other  so that you can be your happiest and healthiest self. Cheers!


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