Now I’M one of those crazy running people. Damnit.

I used to make fun of runners. I’d see them out for a jog or trail run and think “you people are crazy.” Especially those people that run in winter. Get your ass back inside, it’s  below freezing! Find a treadmill! Running just seems so exhausting and boring. Sure, sometimes I have a lot of anger or stress to release and a run certainly helps clear the head. But like a mile run. And then I’m tapped. So when people call me a runner, I can’t help but laugh. Because I hate running and quite frankly dread the idea of propelling my body forward with some level of speed. However I ran a half marathon this weekend, (like ran the whole thing! no walking!) and completed it in 2 hours and 31 minutes. and some seconds but who cares. I had 2 dabs pre-race off my VapeXhale, 100 mg of CBD and around 50 mg of THC edibles and I was flying high through those mountains!


The Slacker Half Marathon is an annual race held in Georgetown, Colorado. With the start line at Loveland Pass, it’s a beautiful scenic run down the mountainside and into the quaint downtown area, straight out of the 1870s. With a killer playlist and babbling brooks and waterfalls along the trail, it was easy to pass the time and before I knew it I passed mile 10, 11, 12 and I sprinted that last .1 mile like a Kenyan, feeling like a champion! And of course this was my first time running with a sponsor so I was super proud to rock my Green Dream jersey during the race. Breaking the stigma one stride at a time!


I find that running in a race is more appealing than running everyday. Like, if I spontaneously go on a run once a month, that’s pretty good. For me. And here is my theory, my stoner logic, as to why this is a good practice. If I run everyday, then thats constant wear and tear on my knees and my joints. That’s going to build up over time and leave me vulnerable and weakened for the race. Whereas if I just run like 5 times a year, thats only 5 times that I’m abusing my knees. So you see, by treating running like Christmas and other holidays, and just engaging in it a couple times a year, I enjoy it more and I’m able to give it my all. Once the race is over, I don’t want to talk about running or training until the next one. Ya feel me? So that is how I rationalize not going on a daily 5 mile jog.


Now the other trick that helps me complete these runs is cannabis of course! I would not have the motivation or desire to run one of these things if I wasn’t physically and mentally energized by a nice sativa, some tasty edibles and obviously some good ole CBD.  My back flared up the day before the race and I was concerned this would affect my run, so I took a 50mg CBD oil capsule the morning off and I tucked a few 5mg strawberry CBD gummies in my fanny pack (one thing I do like about running is that I get to rock a fanny pack. and hydrate using my flask). Every couple of miles, when my knees would flare up, because running downhill surprisingly has its ups and downs. While you are not fighting gravity, you are putting constant stress on your knees going down that steep of a grade constantly, so having some CBD to mitigate the pain was essential. The real pain however kicks in later that day and the following morning. Steps were difficult and I ended up just carefully going down them backwards because it was less painful. But that’s what topicals are for and with my Mary’s Muscle Freeze and my Relieving Apothecanna, I was religious about applying it to my aching muscles (primarily my thighs, they hurt the worst.) A bedtime bowl of Pineapple CBD from Green Dream eased me into a comfortable sleep, allowing me to wake up recovered and refresehed! I was feeling 100% by Wednesday, running up the stairs 2 at a time. Three days of recovery, with an excuse to consume more cannabis that usual, is totally worth the exhilaration of completing my third run of the High Five Race Challenge. Both my mom and I now have the Denver 420 Games (4.20 miles) and the final FULL marathon (26.2 miles) to complete to wrap up the Challenge. I’m going to have to start playing around with edible dosing for long distances. But more on that later, like, when I can run again.

So, if you think running isn’t your thing, try playing around with a sativa strain or edible and see if you can’t get that runner’s high! Sign up for the next local fun run 5K and sprint, walk, skip your way across that finish line with a couple friends in a tow! And then reward yourself with cake and carbs 🙂 I mean, with a banana and a bowl of CBD. Happy running!



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