Collaboration vs competition in the cannabis industry: why teamwork makes the dream work

Recently  I had the incredible opportunity to discuss cannabis as it pertains to the health and wellness with 4 amazing women in the canna-fitness industry. In addition to learning a lot from their personal stories of how they improved and continue to improve their lives with cannabis and a healthy lifestyle, we also got the chance to ask Dr. Michelle Ross questions we had in a round table discussion. We touched on such topics as pain management and senior use of cannabis as well as the endo cannabinoid system and its important role in our overall well being. One observation I made throughout the morning was that, although each of us has a similar message about cannabis and fitness and how awesome it is, we each have our own unique story, perspective and micro-niche that we are catering too. It is so exciting to be supporting other women who are on a similar and often times really challenging journey of not just self improvement, but helping and inspiring others to lead happier and healthier lives also.

For many athletes, a competitive spirit is natural, whether its against themselves or an opponent,as this is taught at a young age in most sports. However more inportanly,  sports also teach individuals how to be a part of a team and how to work together and encourage one another to  achieve a common goal. And that common goal is winning. At life. And also sharing our message of canna-wellness as we attempt to break the stigma surrounding this beautiful, healing plant and the people who enjoy it. It sort of reminds me of that scene in Horton Hears a Who (so many great lines in the movie), when it takes all the Whos chanting together for their message to be heard. We all have a common message and the more we work together to share it, the larger the audience we will reach and the stronger our community will be. That is why I am so happy to be collaborating with the MJFitNut Team, Heather and Antonio DeRose, who’s goal is to unite the active cannabis community while sharing their knowledge of cannabis, fitness and nutrition as tools to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. In addition, they promote canna-athletes around the world who share their vision, myself included! In fact, they are sponsoring me AND my mum for our upcoming marathon! I’ve never run 26.2 miles before, but Im confident with the support of my friends in the cannabis community, as well as mary-jane herself, I will shatter the stereotypes people have about stoners as I sprint across that finish line, high as a kite and full off CBD.

I could not do You Canna Be Well, or Huff n Puff  Fitness or the High 5 Race challenge  without the support of so many amazing people and I am beyond blessed to be working with an amazing team of passionate like minded individuals. If you feel stuck or in a rut or like you are not moving forward in either your personal or professional life, try surrounding yourself with people who have fresh perspectives and extra motivation and you may find that you not only take 5 or 6 steps forward but everyone else does too and because of that a movement starts. And we are bringing that movement to Colorado! So join us as we actively pursue healthier, happier and of course, higher habits to lead the best lives we all deserve.


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