Mountain Biking 101 with Stashlogix

This past weekend, You Canna Be Well spent an idyllic fall morning with Skip Stone, the founder and CEO Stashlogix, learning about one of his favorite ways to stay happy and healthy, mountain biking! After spiking our cider with some medicated spiced goodness from Sweet Alchemy, we sat down with Skip and learned the basics of exploring the mountainside on 2 wheels.

20171019_104725If hiking isn’t your thing because you don’t like traversing long distances on foot, but you still want to adventure in the Rockies, then mountain biking might just be for you! A badass way of exploring the Foothills and surrounding peaks, mountain biking allows you to tackle those tough trails in record time, while just barely giving you the ability to out speed a startled moose or mama bear. Now, thanks to these tips I learned from Skip, I feel more confident about renting a bike and exploring more of the Foothill’s amazing trails! So, here are the most important things I learned plus a few fun facts.


Skip’s Top 5 Tips to a Good Day of Riding

  • Make a rectangular box shape with your arms, chest and the handlebars and postion your upper body/ shoulders over the handlebars. This gives you a solid grip and good position on your bike.
  • Biking must haves include a helmet (protect the noggin!), gloves (in case you skid), good shoes and plenty of water (and weed).
  • When going uphill, really lean into the front of the seat and lean forward to give you that added pushing power.
  • DO NOT RUN OUT OF GAS! “But it’s a bike silly” you say. Yes! But your energy is your fuel. Running out of breath, water, and stamina or getting injured can leave you stranded miles from your car or trailhead and if not with a buddy, can leave you in a pretty precarious situation. So always let someone know ahead of time where you plan on going and what time you expect to be back.
  • Wait until you are at the trail to get elevated! If you get high before you are dressed, the car is loaded or you get to your destination, you may never make it out on a ride! Loosing motivation, forgetting something important at home, and getting lost are all very real stoner problems you must consider.

Other fascinating things I learned…

  • Right of Way- Horses go first, then hikers, then bikers. Bike to bike traffic – uphill has right of way to keep that momentum going!
  • Because trails aren’t typically rated by skill level like ski runs are, it’s important to do some research before you head out on your adventure. Download a mountain biking app such as Singletracks or pick up a slightly used guide book to help you safely navigate those twisty mountain routes. Some easy and fun trails to check out around Boulder and Denver include Marshall Mesa, Green Mountain and Betasso Preserve and a typical ride is around 10-12 miles. Remember to calculate there and back and don’t forget to check your fuel levels!
  • Prairie dogs make a “ba-dump” noise when you run over them with a bike. And then scurry off, presumably with no internal bleeding.
  • Skip once almost hit a bear cub on a trail. While mama bear was watching. That would have been a bad day for Skip.
  • A brief history of mountain biking – The sport of mountain biking was simultaneously developed by 2 groups of adventurous hippies in the 60’s and 70’s in California and Colorado, Marin Country and Crested Butte respectively. OG mountain bikes were hand built and pieced together with parts that would allow riders to traverse rocky, uneven, and steep terrain. Joe Breeze is credited for producing the first mainstream mountain bike in Cali in 1978. Over the next several decades, mountain biking rose out of obscurity into the mainstream, alongside other so called ‘rebel’ sports, including snowboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing and surfing.

While we went with the intention of going on a nice bike ride, we ended up spending the morning carving and smoking out of a pumpkin bong and playing another favorite stoner activity, ping pong. I also got a sneak preview of some new Stashlogix products, set to hit stores soon! So give them a like and a follow on the social media and stay up to date so that you can be the cool kid rocking the latest in stoner must have accessories.

I hope these tips encourage you to get out and try something new! You never know, mountain biking just might be your cup of tea! Just don’t forget your Stashlogix! Because, if that bear catches up to you it might snag your snacks. Or your weed. And you do not want a stoned bear on your hands, believe you me. Happy trails!

Interested in learning more about the amazing individuals, brands and sports rocking the Boulder/Denver cannabis adventure scene? Follow You Canna Be Well on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on our monthly events and weekly 420 fitness classes, held at Break the Stigma Fitness in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay high friends!


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