Addicted to Good Days

I have never met a product or company so appropriately named. These chocolates certainly do make it a good day, whether that be by energizing me, curing a belly ache, or turning my frown upside down on rough days. I now understand why people love their coffee so much. If I could eat my Good Day Energy beans from a mug that said I love Good Day Energy, I would. Their whole line includes Energy, D3, Turmeric, Calm, Sleep and Probiotic. My go tos are Energy for daily use, D3, or ‘happy chocolates’ for down or difficult or any days and also turmeric, for when I eat too much cheese (damn you lactose intolerancy!). Good Day Chocolates can be found at your local healthy food store ie. Whole Food, Alfalfas, Sprouts and Lucky’s, etc but I’ll give you a tip, they are cheapest at Lucky’s Market. So now you know. )Or you can be like me and order in bulk. Which I really should start doing…This product contains zero THC or CBD, it’s just an all around delicious and adorable supplement chocolate. Try them today for whatever ails ya! Make it a Good Day!



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