How do I love my Dipper? Let me count the ways.

Apparently there are 10 reasons I love dabbing with my Dipper. As I started making the list, the points just kept coming! So here it is, You Canna Be Well’s Top 10 Reasons You Need a Dipper.

#1. Concentrates without the sketchy set up. #tossthetorch

#2. I can hotbox my tent and dab in nature without having to worry about starting a forest fire.

#3. No wasted dabs! I only use what I inhale, so I don’t waste my hit on coughing or hot nails.


#4. Sleek, conspicuous design has me feeling classy.

#5. A portion of the sales of their Ocean Blue Dipper goes towards ocean conservation. Save the seas!

#6. The dual function of loadable vs dippable dabs. One is great for on the go and the other is a fun party trick when dabbing with friends.

#7. Different temperatures allow me to control my experience. I tend to go for low or medium temp dabs to really savor the flavor of the terpenes.

#8. It rips like a motherfucker. I hotboxed the hell out of my tent (and sleeping bag) in a thunderstorm one time, it did not disappoint.

#9. Dipper makes concentrates, or hash, accessible to more people. Not everyone wants to buy a fancy rig or enail or vape kit or sip on a cartridge filled with god knows what. I like knowing exactly what I am dabbing and being able to control exactly what size of a hit i want.

37831849_10211358258064491_3891868955819638784_n#10. The whole Dipper team is just amazing. Everyone I have ever worked with in the company has had amazing energy and we have always had a good time. I am also incredibly grateful to them for sponsoring my July High Five Race, which was a 10K trail run in Avon followed by climbing my very first 14-er for a good cause the next day at the ass crack of dawn.

So thank you for fueling my crazy adventures Dipper! You keep me high enough to not only climb mountains, but enjoy the trek as well. If I have convinced you that you now require one of these fabulous devices, you can get 10% off using coupon code High5 at Happy dabbing, and remember, toss the torch!


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