Let’s Talk Plant Medicine. Part 1

Nature will always be our best medicine, whether that be physically getting out in nature to detox and destress amongst the trees, as the Japanese do with their forest bathing, or using the unique components that make up so many incredible plants and animals to create cures for countless ailments. But not everything has to be smoked or put into a pill in order for us to consume and receive the benefits of mother nature. Currently, the topic of ‘plant medicine’ is trending, so I want to take a moment or two to go over exactly what that means and detail 5 of the more common herbal remedies that are popping up in wellness aisles everywhere, as well in your local dispensary in 1906 New High Chocolates!

Ashwagandha –  What is it? It’s a berry producing plant in the nightshade family found in India and China as well as Nepal and Yemen too!

Whats its good for? It’s an “adaptogen,” for starters, meaning that it can help your body manage stress, so that’s good. Its been shown to lower blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, boost brain function and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression and memory loss. Ashwagandha also helps induce apoptosis, which is the programmed death of cancer cells and tumors aka it kills cancer.

How do I take it? Capsules found at your local Lucky’s Market or in 1906 High Love chocolates, an arousing blend of dark chocolate, cannabis and stimulating herbs. Oh la la!

Fun fact! “Ashwagandha” is Sanskrit for “smell of the horse”.

Cannabis What is it? Colorado’s state plant and everyone’s favorite medicine.

What is it good for? THC, CBD and the number of other cannabinoids found in cannabis have a plethora of benefits for body and mind including stress and anxiety reducing, pain relief, anti-fungal, promotes bone growth and brain health, makes everything better, also a known cure for cancer, anti-epileptic, I think you get the gist. Our body has an endocannabinoid system and when the body does not create enough endocannabinoids, they need to be supplemented by cannabinoids, found in, you guessed it, cannabis! Which is why cannabis has proved to be such an effective treatment for a variety of ailments. So again, if cannabis legalization is on the ballot in your state, please vote yes! Make it medical, make it rec, make it accessible, make it legal!

How do I take it? Literally, however you want. Smoke it, dab it, vape it, eat it, put it in your…wherever. Lotions and tinctures are ideal for folks conscious of getting too high or smoking. Take a trip to Colorado and check out a dispensary and you will see all the ways in which you can consume cannabis. Also found in a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD in all 1906 Chocolates.

Fun fact ! Only female cannabis plants produce those big beautiful buds that we love to smoke, the the whole plant has cannabinoids and can therefore be used as medicine from leaf, to bud to stems.

Corydalis – What is it?  It is a pretty flowering plant and the root is used for medicine.

What is it good for? Known in traditional Chinese medicine to be good for fibromyalgia and pain relief, it is almost as good of a pain reliever as opium, without any of the negative and addictive side effects. Particularly good for chest, abdominal and menstrual pain. Cool!

How do I take it?  Teas, capsules, supplement section at Lucky’s Market and often times as part of an herbal concoction including a variety of other plant medicines. Also found in 1906 Midnight chocolates for a less earthy way to consume. Sweet dreams!

Serious Fact!  NEVER take during pregnancy as it is a blood vitalizer and can be fatal to the baby.

Fun Fact!  I don’t know how to say this word…

Magnolia BarkWhat is it?  Bark from a kind of tree in China.

What is it good for?  A number of things including anxiety, stress and depression, headaches and inflammation, menopause, protects against cancers, helps sleep…sounds like a good plant to me.

How do i take it?  Any number of ways that are available in the supplement aisle of your local health food store, and also in 1906 Calm chocolates. Don’t you feel better already?

Fun Fact! When magnolia bark extract and ginger extract were combined and given to mice, it had antidepressant effects on the mice. Then again, i’m not sure how you test that the mice are depressed in the first place. Maybe Mouse #42 was just having an off day.

TheobromineWhat is it?  Chemical compound found in the cacao plant.

What is it good for?  It’s a vasodilator, so good to get the blood pumping and noted to get blood flowing to chilled hands and feet as well as the brain and inflamed joints.

How do I take it? Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate. But don’t over-do it on the 1906 GO Beans, because in addition to cannabis and theobromine, there is also a good amount of caffeine in them too. Go baby go!

Fun fact – Very similar to caffeine, albeit one is a vasodilator and the other a vasoconstrictor, they go hand in hand like PB&J and work best together. 


As with any new food or supplement, always do your research and consult your friendly family fish-ician before making any serious changes to your diet and wellness regimen. Whatever sense you are craving, taste it with 1906 New Highs.








All cannabis knowledge came directly from my brain.


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