Living Flow

I am excited to share the latest project I have had the opportunity to work on, Living Flow. A large part of my wellness journey the past couple years, in addition to cannabis, has been meditation. I have found it an extremely useful tool in not only mitigating stress and anxiety but also raising my appreciation and overall quality of life. Just like with fitness, I found it easier to practice when I committed to a group, especially a group with positive energy. After 2 years of meditating regularly with this particular instructor, he finally decided to make his mediations accessible to more people by putting them online. By creating Living Flow, anyone can access unique goal focused series or soothing guided meditations. I have found these techniques very helpful, I utilize them regularly at my You Canna Be Well workshops and I want to share them with you. Free courses are available at and daily inspiration and ponderings can be found @livingflowapp on Facebook and @livingflow on Instagram too.


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