The Adventure Begins

IMG_20181204_165439_400So, why you ask am I running 26.1 miles through the Costa Rican jungle this weekend? For fun? No, not really. Because sloths can’t run for themselves that’s why. Because someone needs to say “hey! Pay attention! Sloths need saving and I’m willing to do what it takes to save them!” My goal is that by committing to these crazy athletic adventures, people will take notice of what I’m doing and the causes I’m doing it for, like raising awareness about the plight of sloths and polar bears by doing marathons and half marathons respectively. If you would like to support what I am doing without getting out of your chair, you can donate to any of the various organizations that I run and adventure for. This month, my focus is raising money for Toucan Rescue Ranch and The Sloth Institute as well as educating people about the importance of rainforest protection. And sloths. You can donate via Facebook on my Running for the sloths fundraiser page. I’m so close to reaching my goal and with your help, I just know we can achieve it. Do it for the sloths! And follow along on my rainforest journey and Stoner Safaris over on Instagram @highcoachlia. Lots of fun, mostly true facts about Costa Rican wildlife coming at ya. Off to the Cloud Forest tomorrow!! Cheers friends!


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