Senior Moments

This link of You Canna Be Well is a place where senior adults can ask questions and share findings and articles they find useful or relevant pertaining to cannabis use. While many older Americans may be open to the idea of medicating with mary-jane, they may not be very likely to walk into a dispensary or Google their questions, and if they do, they may be over whelmed with the amount of information and the plethora of products out there. After attending a senior cannabis use forum in Boulder hosted by Trill Alternatives Dispensary and a research group of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), I realized that one of the biggest concerns of participants was lack of information and education about medical cannabis. If they are unable to rely on their doctors for accurate information and if they don’t know what questions to ask a bud tender, finding a product that works for them can almost be like Russian Roulette. This gave me the idea of starting a forum where senior cannabis users can post articles they find may be helpful to others, ask questions and get answers from medical professional in and out side of the cannabis industry. Sharing success stories of products that work for specific ailments can also help people feel more comfortable about medicating with cannabis. I invite you to use this page to share and gather information and to connect with other like minded individuals who are using this plant to improve their daily lives.



One thought on “Senior Moments

  1. My story…I’m 66 and in good health. In training for running events I found that my ankles, shins, knees, and hips were aching after a run. My daughter suggested cannabis edibles and topicals to help with pain management. I became proactive in using these products and this training season I have had very few issues and then only on the longer runs over 10 miles. Most of the products I use are mostly CBD with some THC. I am using cannabis to mitigate pain not to get high but that’s my choice. I feel that each of us should be allowed the freedom to make our own choice on how cannabis can be incorporated into improving our lives. I am concerned that for those living with illness and/or chronic pain do not have access to information and support from the medical community in states where cannabis is legal and no access to cannabis is states where it is illegal. I hope others will share their stories and support others.


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