From John W. – age 73

A couple of years ago, I began having severe back pain. I was diagnosed with “mild”
scoliosis-I guess the amount of pain doesn’t have anything to do with the “degree” of this
problem. On occasion, I spent whole nights literally screaming in pain if I moved to the
wrong position while asleep. I spent the next 6 months seeing doctors and working
through physical therapy, and eventually, the pain decreased, but was still significant. As
this was just before the major problems with opiates made headlines, my doctor
suggested that something stronger than Ibuprofen or Tylenol might be called for, but
noted that even Tylenol #3 (acetaminophen with codine) may become habit forming, and
stronger painkillers (opiates) definitely were addictive.
Because I didn’t like the possibility of addiction and other significant side effects were
possible, I asked my doctor to hold off on prescriptions, since I knew that Lia Oriel had
extensive knowledge of medical cannabis products. We first tried capsules and edibles
just containing 5 mg of CBD, a documented pain reliever and anti-inflammatory agent,
and then went up to 10 mg, and there seemed to be some, but little relief.
Since it’s also documented that THC enhances the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory
properties of CBD, we began to try different combinations of CBD and THC. As I live in
a state that prohibits THC use (and, most recently CBD also), I was initially reluctant to
try the combination, but when I finally did, I discovered that an equal ratio of CBD and
THC gave significant pain relief, with the added effect that, when taken late in the
evening, the THC has a significant relaxing result as well, allowing a great night’s sleep.
Now when I have back pain, which often shows up as I get tired after a physical day, I
use either a 5 + 5 or 10 + 10 mg CBD + THC dose and most often have a pain-free night
of great sleep. Since I prefer edibles, I’ve found that 1 square of IncrEdibles chocolate
with black cherry (5 + 5) usually will do what I need. If I have an especially
uncomfortable evening, then the 10 + 10 Wana extended release Caps work well.
A statistics professor once told me that, “Case histories are interesting, but they don’t
really tell you much.” However, as my wife reminds me, if something happens to or
works with you, your probability is 100%. The CBD + THC combination has worked
well and kept me from using more dangerous alternatives. Certainly, given the problems
currently documented with opiates and side effects of other drugs, this combination
should be worth a try for anyone with chronic pain. And it’s certainly worth studying in a more scientific manner.