That time weed put me in the ER…

So mary-jane and I got into our first fight. For the first time in over 5 years, we had a disagreement, it got a little violent, I ended up in the ER, and I realized I needed to re-evaluate my relationship with her because obviously it was no longer healthy. Wait, what! A stoner confessing that weed made her sick! No one wants to hear or admit that, especially when you love cannabis as much as I do and especially when you see how amazing of a medicine it is. But just like anything, too much of a good thing can be harmful, and I learned that the hard (and expensive) way. Let’s back up to the beginning shall we?

Long story short, I have been doing a lot of energy work and self reflection since turning 30 this past summer and some of the side effects of that can be physical. For example, after running a half marathon and taking a sacred hike in the Black Hills at the end of August, my body (violently) let me know that I could not longer eat red meat, like steak, after a lovely birthday dinner with friends. Not entirely by choice, I have been mindful to not consume large amounts of meat since then. Another example is, my body no longer tolerating the same amount of cannabis that I had been previously consuming. 3 weeks after being in the ER with the steak incident as I call it, I was once again wearing a hospital gown reporting similar symptoms, frequent vomiting, stomach pains and nausea, lethargy and relief when taking very, very hot showers or baths (for me, CBD baths of course). Well all of those, especially that last one, are symptoms of something doctors are calling cannabis hyperemesis, aka, ‘weed sickness’.  Trust me, when the doctor said that, if looks could kill, he would have needed CPR. No stoner wants to hear that their ganja, their medicine is what’s making them sick. And you definitely don’t want to be told you have to lay off it for a month when your in pain and nauseous in the hospital. Yet this was the second time in a month that I ended up in the ER, in need of fluids, so maybe it was worth doing a little more research. I concluded that the doctor is not wrong. (He doesn’t know why he’s right, but that’s because they don’t teach the endocannabinoid system in medical school. anyway)

Basic anatomy lesson, all humans a other mammals have an endocannabinoid system, one giant puzzle inside of us. It’s found in our brain and throughout our body in what are called CB1 and CB2 receptors (among other things). It regulates everything from temperature to mood to appetite to memory function. Its ultimate goal is to bring the body to homeostasis, which means balance. You can remember that because there’s OM in it. (I just realized that myself). So we have this system, this puzzle, and we produce puzzle pieces to keep it running smoothly, we call these endocannabinoids (endo-body, cannabinoid). When we do not create enough of these puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle, our bodies and minds struggle, with diseases like epilepsy, alzheimer’s, and mood disorders to name a few. In these cases, introducing external cannabinoids, those found in plants, primarily in the cannabis plant, can serve as replacement pieces to complete the puzzle. That is why epilepsy, cancer and senior patients respond so well to cannabis oil treatment. By consuming cannabinoids they are rebalancing their body and mind. Cannabis is pretty much like meditation in plant form. Anyway, cannabis works great when there are missing puzzle pieces. But what about when the puzzle is complete, all the pieces are in their place, everything is running smoothly, but you just keep trying to add more puzzle pieces. You’re going to mess up the puzzle dude. And that exactly what I did. I was consuming more than my system needed or could process and it ended up making me sick. Like, really sick. And in hindsight, I had been sipping on the vape pens and taking mad dabs for a while leading up to it. So I admit, I was abusing my relationship with Mary-Jane, and therefore I needed to re-evaluate my consumption habits. So, mostly due to being really sick, I didn’t smoke for 3 days, and then I had a little edible, and then i had a little bedtime bowl and that seems to be working nicely. I even had a small post workout dab, and that was fine too. I feel it’s healthy to take a look at habits now and then to make sure that they are still serving their proper purpose, and if they’re not, adjust them accordingly. Again, it doesn’t mean I have to quit weed forever, heck I didn’t even quit for a week (she’s literally my longest relationship) but lowering my tolerance and consuming less is allowing me to re-develop an appreciation for my medicine.

So if you ever find yourself with persistent, violent vomiting followed by hot showers, and you’re convinced it’s food poisoning or a blocked intestine, or a sensitivity to cheese.. I recommend you hydrate, take electrolytes, go to the ER if you must (usually a good indicator that it’s time to go to the ER is when you repeatedly ask yourself if you should go to the ER. but get ready for the bill. stupid hospital bills) and lay off the weed for a couple of days. When you start back up, start low and go slow. It’s amazing what even a short break can do for your tolerance. My single evening bowl gets me high as a kite and its lovely. The takeaway from this is 1. Our endocannabinoid system is really important and we have to properly take care of it, just like the rest of our body 2.It is possible for weed to make you sick 3. Don’t panic, hydrate, stop dabbing and try higher CBD strains instead. Remember, our goal is to stay happy, high AND healthy. That’s what I call hOMeostasis.


Let’s Talk Plant Medicine. Part 1

Nature will always be our best medicine, whether that be physically getting out in nature to detox and destress amongst the trees, as the Japanese do with their forest bathing, or using the unique components that make up so many incredible plants and animals to create cures for countless ailments. But not everything has to be smoked or put into a pill in order for us to consume and receive the benefits of mother nature. Currently, the topic of ‘plant medicine’ is trending, so I want to take a moment or two to go over exactly what that means and detail 5 of the more common herbal remedies that are popping up in wellness aisles everywhere, as well in your local dispensary in 1906 New High Chocolates!

Ashwagandha –  What is it? It’s a berry producing plant in the nightshade family found in India and China as well as Nepal and Yemen too!

Whats its good for? It’s an “adaptogen,” for starters, meaning that it can help your body manage stress, so that’s good. Its been shown to lower blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, boost brain function and help fight symptoms of anxiety and depression and memory loss. Ashwagandha also helps induce apoptosis, which is the programmed death of cancer cells and tumors aka it kills cancer.

How do I take it? Capsules found at your local Lucky’s Market or in 1906 High Love chocolates, an arousing blend of dark chocolate, cannabis and stimulating herbs. Oh la la!

Fun fact! “Ashwagandha” is Sanskrit for “smell of the horse”.

Cannabis What is it? Colorado’s state plant and everyone’s favorite medicine.

What is it good for? THC, CBD and the number of other cannabinoids found in cannabis have a plethora of benefits for body and mind including stress and anxiety reducing, pain relief, anti-fungal, promotes bone growth and brain health, makes everything better, also a known cure for cancer, anti-epileptic, I think you get the gist. Our body has an endocannabinoid system and when the body does not create enough endocannabinoids, they need to be supplemented by cannabinoids, found in, you guessed it, cannabis! Which is why cannabis has proved to be such an effective treatment for a variety of ailments. So again, if cannabis legalization is on the ballot in your state, please vote yes! Make it medical, make it rec, make it accessible, make it legal!

How do I take it? Literally, however you want. Smoke it, dab it, vape it, eat it, put it in your…wherever. Lotions and tinctures are ideal for folks conscious of getting too high or smoking. Take a trip to Colorado and check out a dispensary and you will see all the ways in which you can consume cannabis. Also found in a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD in all 1906 Chocolates.

Fun fact ! Only female cannabis plants produce those big beautiful buds that we love to smoke, the the whole plant has cannabinoids and can therefore be used as medicine from leaf, to bud to stems.

Corydalis – What is it?  It is a pretty flowering plant and the root is used for medicine.

What is it good for? Known in traditional Chinese medicine to be good for fibromyalgia and pain relief, it is almost as good of a pain reliever as opium, without any of the negative and addictive side effects. Particularly good for chest, abdominal and menstrual pain. Cool!

How do I take it?  Teas, capsules, supplement section at Lucky’s Market and often times as part of an herbal concoction including a variety of other plant medicines. Also found in 1906 Midnight chocolates for a less earthy way to consume. Sweet dreams!

Serious Fact!  NEVER take during pregnancy as it is a blood vitalizer and can be fatal to the baby.

Fun Fact!  I don’t know how to say this word…

Magnolia BarkWhat is it?  Bark from a kind of tree in China.

What is it good for?  A number of things including anxiety, stress and depression, headaches and inflammation, menopause, protects against cancers, helps sleep…sounds like a good plant to me.

How do i take it?  Any number of ways that are available in the supplement aisle of your local health food store, and also in 1906 Calm chocolates. Don’t you feel better already?

Fun Fact! When magnolia bark extract and ginger extract were combined and given to mice, it had antidepressant effects on the mice. Then again, i’m not sure how you test that the mice are depressed in the first place. Maybe Mouse #42 was just having an off day.

TheobromineWhat is it?  Chemical compound found in the cacao plant.

What is it good for?  It’s a vasodilator, so good to get the blood pumping and noted to get blood flowing to chilled hands and feet as well as the brain and inflamed joints.

How do I take it? Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate. But don’t over-do it on the 1906 GO Beans, because in addition to cannabis and theobromine, there is also a good amount of caffeine in them too. Go baby go!

Fun fact – Very similar to caffeine, albeit one is a vasodilator and the other a vasoconstrictor, they go hand in hand like PB&J and work best together. 


As with any new food or supplement, always do your research and consult your friendly family fish-ician before making any serious changes to your diet and wellness regimen. Whatever sense you are craving, taste it with 1906 New Highs.



All cannabis knowledge came directly from my brain.

Living Flow

I am excited to share the latest project I have had the opportunity to work on, Living Flow. A large part of my wellness journey the past couple years, in addition to cannabis, has been meditation. I have found it an extremely useful tool in not only mitigating stress and anxiety but also raising my appreciation and overall quality of life. Just like with fitness, I found it easier to practice when I committed to a group, especially a group with positive energy. After 2 years of meditating regularly with this particular instructor, he finally decided to make his mediations accessible to more people by putting them online. By creating Living Flow, anyone can access unique goal focused series or soothing guided meditations. I have found these techniques very helpful, I utilize them regularly at my You Canna Be Well workshops and I want to share them with you. Free courses are available at and daily inspiration and ponderings can be found @livingflowapp on Facebook and @livingflow on Instagram too.

How do I love my Dipper? Let me count the ways.

Apparently there are 10 reasons I love dabbing with my Dipper. As I started making the list, the points just kept coming! So here it is, You Canna Be Well’s Top 10 Reasons You Need a Dipper.

#1. Concentrates without the sketchy set up. #tossthetorch

#2. I can hotbox my tent and dab in nature without having to worry about starting a forest fire.

#3. No wasted dabs! I only use what I inhale, so I don’t waste my hit on coughing or hot nails.


#4. Sleek, conspicuous design has me feeling classy.

#5. A portion of the sales of their Ocean Blue Dipper goes towards ocean conservation. Save the seas!

#6. The dual function of loadable vs dippable dabs. One is great for on the go and the other is a fun party trick when dabbing with friends.

#7. Different temperatures allow me to control my experience. I tend to go for low or medium temp dabs to really savor the flavor of the terpenes.

#8. It rips like a motherfucker. I hotboxed the hell out of my tent (and sleeping bag) in a thunderstorm one time, it did not disappoint.

#9. Dipper makes concentrates, or hash, accessible to more people. Not everyone wants to buy a fancy rig or enail or vape kit or sip on a cartridge filled with god knows what. I like knowing exactly what I am dabbing and being able to control exactly what size of a hit i want.

37831849_10211358258064491_3891868955819638784_n#10. The whole Dipper team is just amazing. Everyone I have ever worked with in the company has had amazing energy and we have always had a good time. I am also incredibly grateful to them for sponsoring my July High Five Race, which was a 10K trail run in Avon followed by climbing my very first 14-er for a good cause the next day at the ass crack of dawn.

So thank you for fueling my crazy adventures Dipper! You keep me high enough to not only climb mountains, but enjoy the trek as well. If I have convinced you that you now require one of these fabulous devices, you can get 10% off using coupon code High5 at Happy dabbing, and remember, toss the torch!

Addicted to Good Days

I have never met a product or company so appropriately named. These chocolates certainly do make it a good day, whether that be by energizing me, curing a belly ache, or turning my frown upside down on rough days. I now understand why people love their coffee so much. If I could eat my Good Day Energy beans from a mug that said I love Good Day Energy, I would. Their whole line includes Energy, D3, Turmeric, Calm, Sleep and Probiotic. My go tos are Energy for daily use, D3, or ‘happy chocolates’ for down or difficult or any days and also turmeric, for when I eat too much cheese (damn you lactose intolerancy!). Good Day Chocolates can be found at your local healthy food store ie. Whole Food, Alfalfas, Sprouts and Lucky’s, etc but I’ll give you a tip, they are cheapest at Lucky’s Market. So now you know. )Or you can be like me and order in bulk. Which I really should start doing…This product contains zero THC or CBD, it’s just an all around delicious and adorable supplement chocolate. Try them today for whatever ails ya! Make it a Good Day!


Canadian Adventure 2018 and Race #2 of the International High 5 Challenge

Oooooohhhh Canadaaaaa….you are top notch. I just returned from a most wonderful and much needed vacation to Banff, Alberta where I spent 6 action packed days hiking, running and climbing the Canadian Rockies. Whether it was hiking 5 miles along the waterfalls at Johnston Canyon or running 13.1 miles (21.1 kilometres that is) through the city of Banff and the national park itself, or climbing Mt. Norquay via Via Ferrata, my best friend, my folks and I discovered western Canada in a very unique way. I had 2 main purposes for this trip. 1. Complete my first international race of the High 5 Challenge and 2. learn about Canadian cannabis, or Canannabis as I like to call it. The third purpose was to see a bear, a moose and a bighorn sheep, only one of which i saw, but it looks like i’ll be going back next year, so better chance then! The trip was a success in accomplishing me goals. I learned so much about conservation, wildlife and cannabis and I got in enough steps to last me til my next birthday (which is coming up!). I’d like to share with you what I learned about our wonderful neighbor to the north.


Canada + Cannabis = Canannabis

20180619_124725It took my 2 days to find some weed.            I was impressed with my skills of procuring herb on the DL, since i am typically accustomed to going into a regulated shop to purchase my medicine. But Canada is not recreationally legal yet, so without a Canadian MMJ card, I was unable to purchase at a dispensary (which would have been difficult anyway since there were very few but more on that in a second). So I had to get weed the old fashioned way…asking friendly folks around town. Turns out Canada is full of friendly folks and it took no time at all to meet someone who was happy to find me some ganja. What I found most ironic was the fact that I succeeded in my quest by speaking Spanish, as my new friend was from Chile. Talk about international! As I was only in town for 4 more days, I decided against buying $60 of weed (which i totally could have smoked through if someone had challenged me) and was quite content with a large nug that was gifted to me. However, lacking any papers or pipes, I had to get creative on how best to smoke it, so I made my first apple pipe and smoked out of that! Talk about a healthy stoner! Let me tell you, it worked great! But then I hid it outside and by the next morning the rabbits had eaten it and were passed out in the yard staring at the clouds. Jk. But i did end up smoking 3 apples during my trip and I have to say, it may be one of my new favorite ways to toke. I was quite impressed with the canannabis. Don’t know much about it besides it was some good weed, but i feel like it may have been a sativa…because it was not ideal for a bedtime bowl. It was great for the race though and thats what i really needed it for. The nug was just the perfect amount to last me until my last day and being high in the mountains Canadian style sure was enjoyable.


Compass Cannabis Clinic – On the more legitimate side of things, medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001. So they have certainly taken their sweet time in fully committing to mary-jane. Scheduled to become recreationally available by this fall, I missed the it by just a couple of months. However, that didn’t stop me from checking out Canmore’s sole dispensary, Canmore Cannabis Clinic. There I met Michele, who co-founded the clinic with her partner Brad in April 2018. In chatting with her, i learned so much about the past, present and future of Canannabis. Each province regulates weed differently; in Alberta it is monitored by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and even then, each city can have different tolerances and policies. For example, Banff is far less tolerant of cannabis shops than Canmore, possibly because it is located directly within a national park. Michele said Canmore had been very receptive to them opening up shop on Main Street. Located in a lower level unit, right next to a candy store, Canmore Cannabis Clinic is your one stop shop for all of your medical cannabis needs. Except for the actual weed that is. Unable to currently carry products containing THC, the clinic offers a variety of hemp derived CBD products, including topicals, capsules and tinctures as well as a large selection of ancillary products such as Pax, Firefly and Levo (and Stashlogix soon hopefully!). They also have a visiting medical marijuana doctor who comes in every other Friday for appointments as well as an in house cannabis educator to help people determine what form of medicine is best for them. If you are lucky enough to be a Canadian, your mmj appointment is covered by your insurance! Not a Canadian? No worries! You can still get your prescription, you just have to pay for the doctor visit, which is about $120. Not bad for a 3 month access pass to quality cannabis. Both physical and mental ailments qualify and Michele said that many people use cannabis primarily for pain and anxiety, which i found fascinating, because Colorado, as advanced as we are in this industry, still does not believe anxiety, depression and other neurological disorders can be helped by cannabis. Anyway, I learned that flower and tinctures are the most common forms of medicine and the concentrate and edible games are virtually non-existent (at least on the legal market).

The process is simple enough. First, you make your appointment with the medical marijuana doctor to discuss what you are medicating for and they will then give you a 3 month prescription for cannabis. After your appointment, you go into the next room and have a chat with the cannabis educator who will teach you all about indicas, sativas, cbd and other cannabinoids, as well as various ways to ingest as well, such as vaping, smoking or making your own butter and hash (which is ultimately what You Canna Be Well does). The clinic will then put you directly in touch with the grow company and they will ship herb directly to your doorstep! How neat! Every 3 months, the prescription must be renewed. Seems like a pretty legit system in my opinion, however the lack of edibles would be difficult for me as I am now accustomed to a wide array of weed treats. But it sounds like once Canada goes full recreational, a lot of opportunities and businesses will pop up, and I won’t be surprised if Colorado and California companies expand north. For example,  I found it amusing that empty Foria and Leafs by Snoop boxes were displayed, almost as if to show how delicious fully legal cannabis could be. And I recommended she look into several Denver based CBD and ancillary products that I think would fit in nicely on her shelves. To learn more about their store and services, you can check out their website here: and give them a like and a follow @compasscliniccanada. My sole souvenir of the trip, save a couple of crystals, was a sweatshirt from there and a transdermal CBD patch, which eased my back pain and post-race soreness. I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that was presented at the Clinic and I truly think that Canada is on the proper path for a well regulated and diverse canannabis market.
Banff Half Marathon – Race Day!How I stayed HIGH-drated : sativa apple bowl, 4-5 Good Day energy chocolates, Highly Edible Fruit pucks 50ish mg, 1:1 wana 50-80 mg, MM transdermal patch right on my knee that was giving me some trouble. And lots of Apothecanna and Evolve transdermal pen.


We lucked out with beautiful weather, not too cold, not too hot, sunny, absolutely perfect running weather. The race started on the edge of the town of Banff and wove alongside the highway on a paved path through Banff National Park, along the lakes and streams, through the tall pine trees and back into town, over the worn stone bridges and back into town. Despite keeping a consistent pace the entire 21k, Tessa and I managed to put on a turbo burst of speed for that last .1k as we sprinted across the finish line like a particular Jamaican sprinter. Who also admits to being a cannathlete.. Anyway, we finished in 2 hours, 13 minutes and 6 seconds, (which may be a personal best for me),  received our medals and grabbed our well earned fruit and muffins and went to cheer on my mother, who was also doing the race! We caught her at the final kilometer and I ran alongside her as she finished the race with determination and her last bit of energy. (Granted we had gone on a 5 mile hike the day before..). I am just filled with so much pride everytime i finish a race with my mum. She’s just so damn inspiring. And she trains for this shit, whereas I have a far different training approach. I was also thrilled to have matching You Canna Be Well 420 racing jerseys with my sponsors on the back! She is just as much a cannathelte as I am, thats for sure. So after getting our pictures taken and grabbing some must have donuts, we headed back to the hotel to recover in the hot-tub. With a much needed apple bowl of course. Racing as a cannabis athlete and having that conversation with people both on and off the course was a reminder as to why I am racing to change the stoner stereotype and I am incredibly grateful to the companies who are supporting me on this journey including 1906, Stashlogix, Living Flow and DabSolutions. This particular race, I was running for 2 causes, The Harmony Project and Polar Bears International. The Harmony Project was the organization affiliated with the Banff Marathon and proceeds from the race were benefiting their ongoing projects, which focus on educating men and women about consent, which is a pretty relevant issue right now. They are doing amazing work, which you can learn more about here: . I was also racing for the polar bears! Because, if you couldn’t tell, i really like animals and give a shit about conservation, and polar bears seemed appropriate as i was racing in the great white north. So, if you would like to donate $13 for 13.1 miles or $21 for 21.1 kilometers or any amount really to Polar Bears International, you can do so by clicking here :  .

Bunnies, sheep and eagles! Oh my!

I just about lost it when I saw the bunnies in Canmore (the town we were staying in). It looked like the 4-H club was going cage free, there were adorable little gray and white, and black and caramel bunnies all over town! It was wonderful! But not natural and i hypothesized that pet rabbits were over bred and released into the wild and would you believe i was right! They are now considered a pest and are being ‘removed’. Which i understand from a conservation perspective. But they were just the cutest little bunnies. I even booped one on the head as it ate a dandelion out of my hand. So that made me very happy walking about town and spotting the wildlife, which also included funny prairie dog squirrel looking rodents aka Columbia Ground Squirrels. Which apparently relish pea pods. So that’s cool.



Then there were the bighorn sheep that we saw on Mt Norquay, while we were being sheep ourselves and scaling the mountainside. I spotted several ewes who appeared to be shedding their winter coat and they meandered along the rocky paths below us grazing on sparse mountain shrubbery. Convinced I would see more sheep I kept me eyes peeled for the remainder of the via ferrata (I probably should have kept my eyes forward since i was walking along a cliff, but i was determined to see more sheep!) I asked the universe to show me 3 more sheep but alas I saw no more as we hiked down the steep ass mountain. Exhausted and finally starting to feel sore from the race the day before, we start driving back to the hotel when all of a sudden we spot a sheep on the road! And then another, and then a third! And that was when I realized the Universe is always listening…she granted me 3 more mangy sheep and boy did that just make my day. They really are stupid looking animals with minimal intelligence i feel, but damn are they good climbers.

Finally, seeing a pair of bald eagles soar overhead as I was scaling a sheer mountain wall was pretty neat too. I’m going to have to look into what twin eagles mean… I was then convinced that one was then perched on a nest on a nearby mountain top until i stared at it for 8 minutes straight and it didn’t move. Not once. So i guess it was just a rock. But that was one bird looking rock. Also while climbing, i had a genius idea that I should move to Canada and start a safari company and call it Moose Caboose. And only look for moose. I think that’d be pretty fun. Life goals. Next trip I plan on seeing multiple bears, one beaver and a male moose with a massive rack. From the safety of a gondola. But Canada sure does have some neat wildlife.

Top Reasons I love Canada

Seemed like most of their restaurants were straw-less. Way to care about the planet eh!

Everyone says ‘eh’ and has a fun accent, just like me!

I’m convinced im going to see awesome wildlife around every bend.

The roads are so smooth and the parks are free. Because their government prioritizes that shit.

The water is so damn blue!!!

Most of their seasonal workers are Australian. And most of the rest of the population is Canandian. Those are my 2 favorite kind of guys!

I guess what I’m saying is don’t be too surpirsed if I spontaneously drive 18 hours to Banff and stay up there for a little bit. But don’t worry Colorado, I love this Rocky Mountain High too much to leave you for long 🙂 Having said that….where in the world should I race next?!


Mountain Biking 101 with Stashlogix

This past weekend, You Canna Be Well spent an idyllic fall morning with Skip Stone, the founder and CEO Stashlogix, learning about one of his favorite ways to stay happy and healthy, mountain biking! After spiking our cider with some medicated spiced goodness from Sweet Alchemy, we sat down with Skip and learned the basics of exploring the mountainside on 2 wheels.

20171019_104725If hiking isn’t your thing because you don’t like traversing long distances on foot, but you still want to adventure in the Rockies, then mountain biking might just be for you! A badass way of exploring the Foothills and surrounding peaks, mountain biking allows you to tackle those tough trails in record time, while just barely giving you the ability to out speed a startled moose or mama bear. Now, thanks to these tips I learned from Skip, I feel more confident about renting a bike and exploring more of the Foothill’s amazing trails! So, here are the most important things I learned plus a few fun facts.


Skip’s Top 5 Tips to a Good Day of Riding

  • Make a rectangular box shape with your arms, chest and the handlebars and postion your upper body/ shoulders over the handlebars. This gives you a solid grip and good position on your bike.
  • Biking must haves include a helmet (protect the noggin!), gloves (in case you skid), good shoes and plenty of water (and weed).
  • When going uphill, really lean into the front of the seat and lean forward to give you that added pushing power.
  • DO NOT RUN OUT OF GAS! “But it’s a bike silly” you say. Yes! But your energy is your fuel. Running out of breath, water, and stamina or getting injured can leave you stranded miles from your car or trailhead and if not with a buddy, can leave you in a pretty precarious situation. So always let someone know ahead of time where you plan on going and what time you expect to be back.
  • Wait until you are at the trail to get elevated! If you get high before you are dressed, the car is loaded or you get to your destination, you may never make it out on a ride! Loosing motivation, forgetting something important at home, and getting lost are all very real stoner problems you must consider.

Other fascinating things I learned…

  • Right of Way- Horses go first, then hikers, then bikers. Bike to bike traffic – uphill has right of way to keep that momentum going!
  • Because trails aren’t typically rated by skill level like ski runs are, it’s important to do some research before you head out on your adventure. Download a mountain biking app such as Singletracks or pick up a slightly used guide book to help you safely navigate those twisty mountain routes. Some easy and fun trails to check out around Boulder and Denver include Marshall Mesa, Green Mountain and Betasso Preserve and a typical ride is around 10-12 miles. Remember to calculate there and back and don’t forget to check your fuel levels!
  • Prairie dogs make a “ba-dump” noise when you run over them with a bike. And then scurry off, presumably with no internal bleeding.
  • Skip once almost hit a bear cub on a trail. While mama bear was watching. That would have been a bad day for Skip.
  • A brief history of mountain biking – The sport of mountain biking was simultaneously developed by 2 groups of adventurous hippies in the 60’s and 70’s in California and Colorado, Marin Country and Crested Butte respectively. OG mountain bikes were hand built and pieced together with parts that would allow riders to traverse rocky, uneven, and steep terrain. Joe Breeze is credited for producing the first mainstream mountain bike in Cali in 1978. Over the next several decades, mountain biking rose out of obscurity into the mainstream, alongside other so called ‘rebel’ sports, including snowboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing and surfing.

While we went with the intention of going on a nice bike ride, we ended up spending the morning carving and smoking out of a pumpkin bong and playing another favorite stoner activity, ping pong. I also got a sneak preview of some new Stashlogix products, set to hit stores soon! So give them a like and a follow on the social media and stay up to date so that you can be the cool kid rocking the latest in stoner must have accessories.

I hope these tips encourage you to get out and try something new! You never know, mountain biking just might be your cup of tea! Just don’t forget your Stashlogix! Because, if that bear catches up to you it might snag your snacks. Or your weed. And you do not want a stoned bear on your hands, believe you me. Happy trails!

Interested in learning more about the amazing individuals, brands and sports rocking the Boulder/Denver cannabis adventure scene? Follow You Canna Be Well on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on our monthly events and weekly 420 fitness classes, held at Break the Stigma Fitness in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay high friends!

Collaboration vs competition in the cannabis industry: why teamwork makes the dream work

Recently  I had the incredible opportunity to discuss cannabis as it pertains to the health and wellness with 4 amazing women in the canna-fitness industry. In addition to learning a lot from their personal stories of how they improved and continue to improve their lives with cannabis and a healthy lifestyle, we also got the chance to ask Dr. Michelle Ross questions we had in a round table discussion. We touched on such topics as pain management and senior use of cannabis as well as the endo cannabinoid system and its important role in our overall well being. One observation I made throughout the morning was that, although each of us has a similar message about cannabis and fitness and how awesome it is, we each have our own unique story, perspective and micro-niche that we are catering too. It is so exciting to be supporting other women who are on a similar and often times really challenging journey of not just self improvement, but helping and inspiring others to lead happier and healthier lives also.

For many athletes, a competitive spirit is natural, whether its against themselves or an opponent,as this is taught at a young age in most sports. However more inportanly,  sports also teach individuals how to be a part of a team and how to work together and encourage one another to  achieve a common goal. And that common goal is winning. At life. And also sharing our message of canna-wellness as we attempt to break the stigma surrounding this beautiful, healing plant and the people who enjoy it. It sort of reminds me of that scene in Horton Hears a Who (so many great lines in the movie), when it takes all the Whos chanting together for their message to be heard. We all have a common message and the more we work together to share it, the larger the audience we will reach and the stronger our community will be. That is why I am so happy to be collaborating with the MJFitNut Team, Heather and Antonio DeRose, who’s goal is to unite the active cannabis community while sharing their knowledge of cannabis, fitness and nutrition as tools to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. In addition, they promote canna-athletes around the world who share their vision, myself included! In fact, they are sponsoring me AND my mum for our upcoming marathon! I’ve never run 26.2 miles before, but Im confident with the support of my friends in the cannabis community, as well as mary-jane herself, I will shatter the stereotypes people have about stoners as I sprint across that finish line, high as a kite and full off CBD.

I could not do You Canna Be Well, or Huff n Puff  Fitness or the High 5 Race challenge  without the support of so many amazing people and I am beyond blessed to be working with an amazing team of passionate like minded individuals. If you feel stuck or in a rut or like you are not moving forward in either your personal or professional life, try surrounding yourself with people who have fresh perspectives and extra motivation and you may find that you not only take 5 or 6 steps forward but everyone else does too and because of that a movement starts. And we are bringing that movement to Colorado! So join us as we actively pursue healthier, happier and of course, higher habits to lead the best lives we all deserve.

Altruistic Tourettes and other self-diagnosed oddities

I’ve always been afraid of being seen as a hypochondriac. Is there a term for that? Hypochondri-phobia? I often wonder if my many quirks are sometimes more, perhaps an actual physical or mental abnormality. However, refusing to waste my time and money on finding out, I usually just write them off as something not serious, something that will soon pass. (That’s how I ended up in the ER with gallstones after convincing myself for a week that my constant stomach pain was just gas. ha!) After much time (and many bowls) pondering these various ailments, I decided to write up a prognosis. If you feel you suffer from any of these crippling illnesses, stay calm, and contact your nearest canna coach to begin the healing process.

#1. Altruistic Tourettes- I have a severe case of this. I see someone in need and I automatically want to help them and before I know it I have offered my assistance despite the fact that I don’t always have the time, money or energy to do so. As soon as the words leave my mouth I try and snatch them back, but alas, it is to late and I have already agreed to drive a friend to the airport at 5 am or come into work on a Saturday. Damnit.

#2- Cookie Amnesia- This happens with any munchable snack, but primarily cookies. You are eating a cookie and you set it down and walk away. You get distracted and then you remember your cookie. But you’re not sure if you finished it and if not, you have no clue where you put it. So you just go grab another cookie. Only to repeat the same mistake. Two hours later you find four half eaten cookies laying around the house. Assuming the dog, or your roommate, hasn’t cleaned up after you. But let’s admit it, finding a surprise cookie is always a good day! Cannabis absolutely does NOT help those suffering from cookie amnesia and the only cure is to either put the cookie on a plate, sit down and eat it, or scarf it down in one bite.

#3- Collapsing knee syndrome- This one I might actually want to see a doctor about, however because it causes me no pain or discomfort, it stays pretty low priority. More common in seniors, CKS can also occur in young people. I have it in my right knee, and while I can usually feel it about to give out and catch myself, the fact of the matter is, i have ended up on the ground because of it. I seriously felt like one of those LifeAlert commercials, except I’m not even 30! Unsure if this is a mental or physical condition, and unwilling to go through all of the tests and appointments to diagnose it, I simply remain mindful of what triggers it, including anxiety and being on my feet all day. It never hurts putting some canna lotion on the backs of my knees before bed though.

#4- Freezures- You know that feeling, when you get so flipping cold, your whole body just tenses up for one big shudder. That’s a freezure and being extraordinarily sensitive to the cold, I am prone to freezures in any weather under 35 degrees. To avoid freezures, always over dress in winter by putting on as many layers as possible. I’d rather be sweating in February than get a freezure attack waiting outside in the cold. Staying inside next to a roaring fireplace and migrating to Arizona are also ideal ways to cure freezures.

#5. Sneezures- Not to be confused with freezures, sneezures are defined as a sneezing episode consisting of more than 3 sneezes. Heck, sometimes I get up to 6 or 7! If you suffer from sneezures, it is polite to warn those around you that you are about to launch a sneeze grenade with some form of “ah” before your “choo” or if you can get it out, “I’m about to sneeze!” is also helpful. This way people aren’t scared shitless when you sneeze your brains out.

#6. Insta-thumb- Nearly all of the people who are addicted to social media suffer from this disease. Similar to OCD, this is the seemingly uncontrollable and obsessive act of mindlessly swiping through Instagram (or Twitter, or Facebook or that one dating site. (Embers? Fire starter?)). Before you know it you’ve wasted 45 minutes (at least) thumbing through pictures of people you don’t know and don’t care about and you realize you are now double jointed from swiping up (or left) so much. The best cure for IT is just putting your phone down. Put it in a drawer, under your pillow, in the fridge. Do something else with your hands! Build a birdhouse! Hitchhike! Give a thumbs up to a stranger! Become a thumb war champion. Your thumb deserves better than serving as your Hot-or-Not judge.

I embrace all of my quirks and am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who love me because of, or in spite, of them. Unless they are preventing you from leading a fulfilling and happy life, I invite you to embrace your personal oddities and find the humor in the little things that make you, you. Stay weird my friends!

Now I’M one of those crazy running people. Damnit.

I used to make fun of runners. I’d see them out for a jog or trail run and think “you people are crazy.” Especially those people that run in winter. Get your ass back inside, it’s  below freezing! Find a treadmill! Running just seems so exhausting and boring. Sure, sometimes I have a lot of anger or stress to release and a run certainly helps clear the head. But like a mile run. And then I’m tapped. So when people call me a runner, I can’t help but laugh. Because I hate running and quite frankly dread the idea of propelling my body forward with some level of speed. However I ran a half marathon this weekend, (like ran the whole thing! no walking!) and completed it in 2 hours and 31 minutes. and some seconds but who cares. I had 2 dabs pre-race off my VapeXhale, 100 mg of CBD and around 50 mg of THC edibles and I was flying high through those mountains!


The Slacker Half Marathon is an annual race held in Georgetown, Colorado. With the start line at Loveland Pass, it’s a beautiful scenic run down the mountainside and into the quaint downtown area, straight out of the 1870s. With a killer playlist and babbling brooks and waterfalls along the trail, it was easy to pass the time and before I knew it I passed mile 10, 11, 12 and I sprinted that last .1 mile like a Kenyan, feeling like a champion! And of course this was my first time running with a sponsor so I was super proud to rock my Green Dream jersey during the race. Breaking the stigma one stride at a time!


I find that running in a race is more appealing than running everyday. Like, if I spontaneously go on a run once a month, that’s pretty good. For me. And here is my theory, my stoner logic, as to why this is a good practice. If I run everyday, then thats constant wear and tear on my knees and my joints. That’s going to build up over time and leave me vulnerable and weakened for the race. Whereas if I just run like 5 times a year, thats only 5 times that I’m abusing my knees. So you see, by treating running like Christmas and other holidays, and just engaging in it a couple times a year, I enjoy it more and I’m able to give it my all. Once the race is over, I don’t want to talk about running or training until the next one. Ya feel me? So that is how I rationalize not going on a daily 5 mile jog.


Now the other trick that helps me complete these runs is cannabis of course! I would not have the motivation or desire to run one of these things if I wasn’t physically and mentally energized by a nice sativa, some tasty edibles and obviously some good ole CBD.  My back flared up the day before the race and I was concerned this would affect my run, so I took a 50mg CBD oil capsule the morning off and I tucked a few 5mg strawberry CBD gummies in my fanny pack (one thing I do like about running is that I get to rock a fanny pack. and hydrate using my flask). Every couple of miles, when my knees would flare up, because running downhill surprisingly has its ups and downs. While you are not fighting gravity, you are putting constant stress on your knees going down that steep of a grade constantly, so having some CBD to mitigate the pain was essential. The real pain however kicks in later that day and the following morning. Steps were difficult and I ended up just carefully going down them backwards because it was less painful. But that’s what topicals are for and with my Mary’s Muscle Freeze and my Relieving Apothecanna, I was religious about applying it to my aching muscles (primarily my thighs, they hurt the worst.) A bedtime bowl of Pineapple CBD from Green Dream eased me into a comfortable sleep, allowing me to wake up recovered and refresehed! I was feeling 100% by Wednesday, running up the stairs 2 at a time. Three days of recovery, with an excuse to consume more cannabis that usual, is totally worth the exhilaration of completing my third run of the High Five Race Challenge. Both my mom and I now have the Denver 420 Games (4.20 miles) and the final FULL marathon (26.2 miles) to complete to wrap up the Challenge. I’m going to have to start playing around with edible dosing for long distances. But more on that later, like, when I can run again.

So, if you think running isn’t your thing, try playing around with a sativa strain or edible and see if you can’t get that runner’s high! Sign up for the next local fun run 5K and sprint, walk, skip your way across that finish line with a couple friends in a tow! And then reward yourself with cake and carbs 🙂 I mean, with a banana and a bowl of CBD. Happy running!